Raindrop Races

A fundamentally true story of two intertwined lives

As childhood best friends, PJ and Moose grew up in a Midwestern neighborhood, ran the halls of the same parochial schools, and were rarely out of each other’s sight.  Then, the 1960’s happened.  PJ’s lust for the next thrill results in trouble.  After quick stops at the local mental health center, military school and the Marines, he winds up hustling one-arm pushups, drinking whiskey and Coke, and chasing every woman on the dark side of Hollywood’s Sunset Strip.  Moose heads off to private college, but disillusionment and drugs get the best of him.  He drops out, lands in South Vietnam, and finds himself living out of the back of his pickup truck five years after the War.  But through it all, worlds apart, PJ and Moose maintained their boyhood connection.

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Raindrop Races